Hair Care

For centuries, Native Americans of the Southwest used their knowledge of plants to create powerful remedies. Rio Grande Herb Company is the first to bring these ancient remedies to the modern world with Negrita & Amole hair care products.

For over 20 years, Negrita & Amole hair care products have helped strengthen fine, limp hair and condition the scalp, stimulating natural hair growth. Our essential blends build thickness, volume, and elasticity. They are botanically enriched to provide a brilliant, silky shine and promote healthy, manageable hair. Experience the natural nourishment Mother Earth intended.

Negrita & Amole Revitalizing Conditioner 8oz.
Product ID : 39
Negrita & Amole Strengthening Shampoo 8oz.
Product ID : 41
Negrita & Amole Deep Treatment Concentrate 8oz.
Product ID : 37
Negrita & Amole Revitalizing Conditioner 16oz.
Product ID : 40
Negrita & Amole Strengthening Shampoo 16oz.
Product ID : 42
Negrita & Amole Deep Treatment Concentrate 16oz.
Product ID : 38

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